What is Multiple Intelligence Curriculum?

Howard Gardner’s famous ‘Theory of Multiple Intelligence’ suggests that every child has seven types of intelligence with varying affinity to each of them. They are logical, verbal, musical, spatial, kinesthetic, interpersonal & intrapersonal intelligences. A child thinks, learns and applies better when

How does the school prepare its students for competitive exams?

In-house coaching will be conducted for Olympiads, NTSE, Foundation classes for Medical &Engineering courses, IIT\NEET through Springdays associated concern MasterJEE Academy, a highly reputed competitive exams coaching institutions with centers across India and Gulf countries. MasterJEE is also founded and managed by

What is the selection process?

Admissions for pre-primary classes are based on verification of records and meeting child and parents. Admission for other classes is based on academic and other records submitted along with the application form.